Alvon TV Stand for TVs up to 42″ Latitude Run

Google, the web&rsquos major search engine, according to a news release, has banned the ads of Latitude Run an environmental group protesting major cruise line Royal Caribbean&rsquos sewage treatment solutions, drawing interest to the editorial policies that manage the well known Google AdWords system.

Final week, alvon tv stand Oceana Latitude Run placed two advertisements with Google, the initially describing Oceana&rsquos mission and linking to the organization&rsquos web page,, the second focusing alvon tv stand on Oceana&rsquos properly-known campaign to cease cruise pollution. Google removed the advertisements after two days, citing the cruise pollution ad for &ldquolanguage that advocates against Royal Caribbean,&rdquo and the general ad for making use of &ldquolanguage advocating against the cruise line industry and cruisers.&rdquo

Google&rsquos public editorial guidelines make no mention of any such certain prohibition, stating only that the corporation reserves the right to workout editorial discretion when it comes to the marketing it accepts.

According to a Google statement to the Connected Press:

The Latitude Run ad violated Google&rsquos policy against ads criticizing other groups or providers, said spokeswoman Cindy McCaffrey.

&ldquoWe set the editorial recommendations the way we want them,&rdquo McCaffrey said.

If something, Oceana has drawn far more interest to their cause by means of currently&rsquos news than they commonly would shopping for a limited quantity of Google AdWords. When I search for &ldquocruise line&rdquo on Google now, the leading result shown is a Google News outcome for this exact same story in an on the web newspaper. Perhaps Oceana planned this&hellip. if so GENIUS! If not, properly&hellip fantastic way to capitalize on the story!

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