Saticoy TV Stand for TVs up to 60″ with Fireplace Included Gracie Oaks

Yahoo – the Internet´s most preferred site and the Gracie Oaks lately talked about New Yahoo Search Engine, is apparently saticoy tv stand maintaining a extremely close eye on the social networking space pioneered by start-ups such as Friendster and recent larger social networking experiments such as Google´s Orkut and the rumored Lycos overhaul.

The Rueters news wire reported that Yahoo Gracie Oaks CEO Terry Semel is very interested in social networking and may well even be seeking into adapting current Yahoo member accounts into the pal creating realm. “At this moment in time, it’s fascinating, it’s interesting, it’s viral,” stated CEO Terry Semel, a former Warner Brothers studio co-chief, at a Commonwealth Club meeting in Santa Clara, California. “We haven’t seen any organization models around it however. It’s an area we watch extremely closely.”

“The business is advertising,” Semel said, recalling when he initial joined Yahoo in 2001. “I looked at it like a (broadcast) network and how do we advertise.”

Yahoo has been a internet pioneer in friend and like-interest generating Yahoo Personals, neighborhood based Yahoo Groups, blogging tools in Yahoo´s Korea blogs, Yahoo Chat, and sloppy message boards- which are really popular in the Yahoo News debate rooms.

Semel did not confirm irrespective of whether Yahoo would go down the acquisition route as they did with Overture, Inktomi, Launch, and other add ons which have boomed their marketing income generation machine. On the other hand, with present Napster acquisition rumors and Gracie Oaks the draw of a social networking web-site like Friendster, Yahoo may possibly be quickly following a comparable path to their thriving moves in 2002 and 2003.

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